Cindy Hatcher

Candace - New Braunfels, TX

Matt - Austin, TX

I can't think of a better person to speak love and encouragement into one's life than Cindy Hatcher. She speaks God's Truth with firmness and compassion, and she speaks His love into the human spirit and soul.  

– Karen Sumner

Cindy - thank you again for your leadership and guidance from the Holy Spirit. I am going to enjoy my "Goshen" and delight myself in the Lord!  - RD

Cindy helped me to release, forgive and heal many deep heart wounds and she shared resources and ways to get continued support along this healing journey. I felt comfortable sharing some past traumas that needed healing and forgiveness and Cindy expertly guided me to do that. Thank You, Cindy! - Kimberly Francano

I've had two sessions with Cindy Hatcher and I am so grateful for her obvious desire to follow the heart of Jesus. She has a gift to guide you through the process of heart healing and provides a safe and loving place to dig deeper into the disconnected and unknown areas of ourselves that need healing. She is such a lovely intercessor who guides you through the process to always have a beautiful and healing finish. If anyone is interested, I would just say jump in - you are in safe and healing waters with God. - Paula Ames

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Cindy Hatcher, LPC, LMFT and CEO and Founder of Revive Leadership Int'l

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