#2: How To Improve Every Relationship In Your Life

#3: What God Imagined When He Created You


" As a Senior Pastor, I believe every person should learn about the Motivational Design Gifts. It gives great insight into both how you as an individual were wired by God and how the people around you are wired as well. I have found that understanding people's wiring has helped me to both grow closer to them but also extend extra grace needed. As a leader, it gives me insight to help develop people to operate in health. I highly recommend it! "

Jay Moeller, Senior Pastor of Legacy Church, New Braunfels, TX

"Learning about the Motivational Design Gifts showed the "why" behind some of my behavior/actions. It also helped me understand my close family and friends. I loved the Motivational Design Gifts and I had major breakthrough, healing, and significant revelation each time I heard the teaching. I have sat in a few rounds of teachings that Cindy has administered and I always learned a new part of myself. It helped me love myself for who God hard-wired me to be." 

Naomi Fay, Abilene, TX

"I first heard about Motivational Gifts several years ago when I took a Christian Counseling course. It was honestly like once I found out I was an Exhorter, and I read the pros and cons of that gift, things I had done my whole life made sense. I was always one who was eager to offer my thoughts and advice. Never knew there was a reason behind it. Others thought I was being a know-it-all, when I was just walking out my gifts. When you know your gifts, you can walk in wisdom in using those gifts the way God intended!" 

Leslie Jennings, Amarillo, TX

"The Motivational Design Gifts teaching that Cindy did really opened my eyes in understanding, not only of myself, but how God has wired each of us. It has really helped my husband and I understand each other and how each of us responds to life, what motivates us and where our heart is. We sometimes laugh when we see ourselves responding to something a certain way, that may have previously come across as negative and then realizing the heart and motive behind the responses. It has really helped lighten things. 

This teaching has also helped me understand and appreciate my children's gifts, so I can better cultivate their strengths and weaknesses based on how God has wired them. It has helped me be able to see things from different perspectives based off of God's characteristics, not only in me, but in others!!"

Vanessa Terpenning, New Braunfels, TX

"We first learned about this teaching in the early 80's when we were young parents. It sure helped us 'get' our kids and to direct them considering their bents. It has also helped us while involved in MLM businesses. We learned how to prospect people and lead them in ways that were meaningful and relevant to them. If more managers realized this [teaching], they'd have fewer problems with personnel and people in the wrong positions at work."

Cindy Grove, New Braunfels, TX

"I was young when I learned about the Motivational Design Gifts...I was only 15...I can tell you that to this day, it has given me alot of grace for other people...it's a fun teaching as well. I remember watching TV with my mom while learning about the Gifts together and we would call out the gifts of each character on whatever show we were watching! The teaching has had a great impact on my life to this day."

Jamie Shaver, Midand, TX

"When my husband and I got the teaching on Motivational Design Gifts, we felt like it was instrumental in saving our marriage. We didn't know who this crazily different person was that we married and couldn't seem to see eye to eye on anything. When we were able to understand our own designs and how God designed each other, it was a game-changer. We began to learn just how to grow in our own gifts and give more grace for each other. His wiring is SO DIFFERENT from mine, but he is perfectly designed by God and our unique designs need each other to fulfill the purpose that God has for our lives and for our marriage."

Amy Paquette, Raleigh, North Carolina

Through the study of the Motivational Design Gifts, my eyes were opened to see myself and others in a new way, allowing for healing and strengthening of relationships. As we learn to recognize and experience these attributes in ourselves and others, our hearts shift into a place of understanding, interpreting actions, motivations and words in a new way. When you understand where someone is coming from, it produces a new perspective that diffuses some old trigger points that may spark an offense. It allows love to cover the situation in a way that brings understanding and strengthens the relationship as well as healing to our own heart."

Darcy Colson, New Braunfels, TX

"The Motivational Design Gifts really helped in my marriage. My husband's design as a Servant and my design as a Ruler often meant marriage books were backwards and I felt like I was less feminine and he felt emasculated. I tried to become feminine by caring about things around the house and letting go of leadership opportunities. He was always hurt that I didn't LOVE a clean house like he did.

It also gave me and my friend a language to say 'hey I love you but I'm gonna sit here and talk to you while you work on cooking. I'd be glad to help but you're gonna have to hand it to me and ask because it just doesn't cross my mind.' And I was the person she called when she needed a system created to efficiently organize her schedule. We valued each other instead of saying, 'why aren't you like what I need right now?'

It also helped me grow and recognize that I could grow my weak areas and when something doesn't come naturally, I can recognize that area is weak and WORK at it..."

Laura Jacobs, Abilene, TX

[The teaching] helped me to have more grace for myself in areas where I seem to make repeated missteps because the training revealed most are expressions of my gift that needs maturation, instead of [the behaviors] being design flaws. I just need to use that same urge or motivation in a more selfless and productive manner."

Maleika Fitzgerald, Abilene, TX

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