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The Whole-Hearted Prophet

Group Coaching and Mentoring Program 

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What You Will Learn From This

Year-long Program:

#1: How To Develop Your Prophetic Gifts

* Embrace and develop all the ways that God has gifted you to share His heart with the world.


* Create intentional plans to develop each gift to advance His Kingdom. 

#2:  How To Improve Every Relationship in Your Life

* Discover the secrets to understanding the motivations of each person in your life and how to improve your relationships with them for the better. 


* Build healthy relationships with other prophets in a supportive, encouraging community.

#3: How to Journey Well as a Mature Prophet

* Explore the creative artistry of our Heavenly Father as you uncover the purposeful intentions of His heart for you and others. 


* Pass the tests, endure the persecutions, persevere and build the character of Christ in you as you become a mature prophet.


Hello Fellow Prophets!


I have been so honored to have served you these last 8 weeks in


The Journey of a Prophet.


We have taken the time to explore and test your calling,


examined your gift mix, studied the various types of prophets


and compared how we may be similar to the prophets in the bible .



We have developed our identity statements, dug deep into our hearts


to check our motives, and  have recognized the need to grow mature


character and healthy relationship skills. 



Knowing that the journey of a prophet is truly a lifelong one,


it is still important to intentionally focus and invest in yourself and to


do it in a powerful, supportive and encouraging community with other


prophets who are on the same road.



Therefore, I'd like to offer you the opportunity to continue

our journey together by joining:


The Whole-Hearted Prophet

Group Coaching and Mentoring Program.


This will be a year-long commitment where we will meet monthly together as a community to intentionally grow and development as prophets in the metron that God has given you.



You will receive monthly coaching, training, and mentoring on how to


actively practice your gifts and fulfill the call of God on your life. 



Here Is What You Will Receive:


* Monthly live coaching & training to help you develop as a prophet   (Value: $997)


*Private Whole-Hearted Prophet Community FB Group   (Value: $997)


PLUS: Access to an exclusive membership portal that contains recordings of the monthly trainings, as well as these following bonuses:

  • BONUS #1: The Journey of a Prophet Course    (Value: $497)

    You took the course already, but maybe you want to re-watch some of the training and zoom calls? Each video is will be made available to watch in your membership portal!

  • BONUS #2: The Journey of a Prophet Live Interviews Bundle   (Value: $497)

    I had the most fun while was interviewing each of these amazing prophets and other five-fold ministers who discuss their journey from the calling to office. They each gave their own amazing insights and wisdom in how each of us can grow and mature in our calling. Honestly, these are way more valuable than stated but you can re-watch them over and over in your membership portal!

  • BONUS #3: Motivated By Design E-Course  (Value: $497)

    This amazing course is a key teaching I have walked in for over 10 years now. It has helped me to fully embrace who I am as well as grow in grace in every relationship I have as I learn to value the motivational design gift of others and help call out the gold. This teaching will not only help you grow in maturity, but it is almost like "prophetic cheating",  as you will recognize the design of God in each person and see his handiwork in them regardless of where they are on their own journey to maturity. 

  • BONUS #4: Motivational Design Gifts Guidebook   (Value: $47)

    This handy guidebook summarizes the stereotypical behavior traits and qualities that each of the 7 Motivational Design Gifts carry. This is a great resource to return to regularly as you interact with others and help them to know God's intentional design for their lives. 

One-Time Investment $997 (Total Value: $3532)

ONLY $497! Special Offer For Founding Members!

Get Everything For Only $497 One-Time Payment!

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